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Guarantee genuine, regular maintenance, long life!
Products cost-effective, reasonable price
“Spend the least money on the best wall hanging stove”
  Introduce advanced technology
Apply intelligent heating technologies introduced from Europe to meet
the heating demands for various kinds of spaces
Control by mobile phone to overcome space limitations, thus to communicate
with home whenever and wherever
Unique data background tracking service system to ensure the accuracy
and timeliness of after-sales services.
  Easy to use, ensure safety performance
Three heating modes can be pre-set in mobile App, and the one-touch. operation can satisfy your heating demands at different moments
You can also programme by yourself as desired. The 24-hour heating program is under your control
The machine body is equipped with huge LED display to show the machine's operation information
Apply European-style detection equipment to conduct strict inspections
  Energy Saving and Environmental Protection,
with "Modest" Luxury
Unique high-efficiency heat exchanger and airtight combustor to achieve
more than 92% thermal efficiency
Ultra-quiet operation system
Ultra-thin appearance and simple and tasteful design
  Complete specifications, after-sales service to make you more comfortable
Customer service provides 24 hour question response service
Product development / R & D / manufacturing, production, sales, construction, one-stop service
Track of usage of each product sold by data background
Remote solutions for simple problems, and door-to-door service for complex problems

      mg4355vip平台入口试玩主要从事家用壁挂式采暖 / 热水两用燃气锅炉、模块式锅炉、低温地板辐射采暖、暖气片采暖、家用中央空调采暖、风机盘管采暖和有关采暖系统产品的销售、安装、调试以及相关技术服务、进出口贸易等业务。
      公司现有员工200余人 ,其中本/专科以上学历员工占总人数的97%。公司总部下设总经办、行政人事部、财务部、市场管理部、商务部、办事处(省级)、进出口部、采供部、技术部、工程部、售后服务部十一个职能部门。
      公司坚持“以人为本”,崇尚“追求卓越”的企业精神,以“诚信、合作、勤奋、务实,为顾客提供高质量的产品与服务”为宗旨,力求形成人才、管理 、市场、资金四大沉淀。      公司集销售、安装与服务为一体,在陕、甘、宁、青、新、京、沪、苏、豫等中心城市分别设有子公司、办事处、专卖店暨配件中心。

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